Values Awards (Staff)

Values Awards

Since 2009, the Division of Student Affairs has offered a unique program to recognize staff who exemplify the values of our division.

The five Division of Student Affairs Values are:

  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Inclusiveness.

In support of the Division’s core function to engage, develop, and retain, we honor the aforementioned values in our daily service to the Temple University community. 

The Division of Student Affairs places a high degree of importance on its values and, as such, created this program to celebrate the work of Student Affairs professionals who exemplify the work we do.

2016 Award Recipients

Excellence: Kaitlyn Howarth

Respect: Vanessa Dash

Creativity & Innovation: Amber Cardamone

Integrity: Aisha Renee Moore

Inclusiveness: Jennifer Uber

2015 Award Recipients

Excellence: Kim Chestnut

Respect: Kate Schaefer

Innovation and Creativity: Lauren Highsmith

Integrity: Kia Beckett

Inclusiveness: Aaron Spector

2014 Award Recipients

Excellence: Dara Rimes

Inclusiveness: Dr. Anne Wilkinson

Innovation and Creativity: Kim Celano

Integrity: Christopher Hopkins

Respect: Tom Johnson 

2013 Award Recipients

Excellence: John DiCarlo 

Inclusiveness: Renee Kirby

Innovation and Creativity: Allen Sheffield

Integrity: Quetta Nicholson

Respect: Bill Jalbert

2012 Award Recipients

Excellence: Dr. Denise Walton

Inclusiveness: Nu'Rodney Prad              

Innovation and Creativity: Dr. Peter DeMaria           

Integrity: Quetta Nicholson

Respect: John Doman

2011 Award Recipients

Excellence: Steve Young      

Inclusiveness: Allen Dawson   

Innovation and Creativity: Allen Sheffield

Integrity: Margaret Jones

Respect: Jaunita Lavalais

2010 Award Recipients

Excellence: Filip Pongratz    

Inclusiveness: Dina Stonberg  

Innovation and Creativity: Kevin Williams  

Integrity: Wendy Kohler  

Respect: Bill Jalbert

2009 Award Recipients

Excellence: Elizabeth Housholder    

Inclusiveness: Tamica Oglesby-Dorman             

Innovation and Creativity: Rachel Brown   

Integrity: Edward Neblock              

Respect: Chris Carey