Off Campus Students

Selecting Off-Campus Housing

Are you ready to live off-campus in the community surrounding Temple? We're here to help!

Visit our Off-Campus Living website for local listings and resources in the area. You can view the website without logging in and can create an account using your Temple credentials (SSO login). The main features of this site are:

  • On the Housing tab, you can view all properties in the area that have provided us an up-to-date rental license. You can filter listings by price, bedrooms, Best Nest status, and more.
  • On the Roommates tab, you can search for other Temple students who are either looking for a place to live or have a space available and are looking for someone to fill it.
  • On the Resources tab, we have:
    • Off-Campus transition resources including renter's rights, budgeting, suggested questions for landlords, etc.
    • University resources including information about our Best Nest program, Good Neighbor Initiative, and various Safety & Security resources
    • Local resources including advocacy organizations, parking & transportation information, and local ordinances
    • Checklists and Forms including a sample sublet form, sample roommate agreement, sample budget, etc.
  • You can also add a sublet (as long as your lease allows subletting) by clicking the Add a Listing tab