Our Housing Facilities team manages all maintenance and housekeeping services for all Temple-owned housing facilities. 

The best way to start a request for service from the team is to enter a work order online here: SchoolDude Work Order System.  You will use your Temple accessnet credentials to access the system, so work order requests must come from the student or another recognized member within the Temple community.

Services the Housing Facilities team provides or manages include:

  • Housekeeping - our team of Service Staff clean all residence halls daily
  • Preventative and Reactive Mainteance - we have skilled trades staff that provide services in the following specialties:
    • Electrical
    • Heating, Air Conditioning
    • Locksmith
    • Plumbing
    • Caprentry
    • Painting
    • General Mainteance
  • Project Management
    • Building renovations and construction work
    • Upgrades to finishes and fixtures
    • Furniture for bedrooms and common spaces
    • Dining hall preventative maintenance
  • Mail/Delivery Services
  • 3rd Party Contract Management
    • Pest Control
    • Major Mechanical Services and Repairs
    • Windows and Doors
    • Masonry and Concrete

Daytime telephone number: (215) 204-7110


Emergency Service Request

Emergency Service Requests refer to repairs that are necessary to either eliminate a life safety issue or to prevent extensive building damage. These items must be addressed and corrected without a delay. Examples may include flooded areas, security issues, plumbing issues without a reasonable alternative, or a loss of heating.

To report an Emergency Service need that arises during the business day (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday) please call (215) 204-7110.  Emergency Service needs that arise outside of the normal business day should be directed to the Residential Life staff (building front office, resident assistant on duty).  Residential Life's team will provide assistance and refer the issue to our on-call coverage program.

In any event, if a situation presents an urgent or imminent life safety issue, please contact Temple University Police at (215) 204-1234.  

Lock Out Procedure

Authorized Temple personnel may, with probable cause and without notice enter a student's room to determine whether the student is complying with the terms of the license. The University may require a resident to vacate a room immediately if deemed necessary. Authorized Temple personnel may also enter a student's room to perform cleanliness checks or safety inspections in order to deal with potential health, sanitation, or safety concerns. Such personnel may enter a student's room when they believe that emergency conditions may exist or when it is believed that a threat to the health and safety of individuals exists (e.g., fire, student needing medical assistance, etc.). Authorized personnel will confiscate any item that may reasonably present a safety concern.

University Housing's maintenance staff has the right to enter all student rooms without advance notice to make repairs or to perform preventive maintenance. The staff will leave a copy of the maintenance request, which will indicate the repairs made or parts needed. All personnel are instructed not to unnecessarily disturb personal property. Outside contractors will be escorted by a University representative.

With the exception of emergency conditions, potential policy violations, safety inspections, cleanliness checks, maintenance repairs, or when it is believed that there is probable cause or a threat to the health and safety of individuals, Housing staff have been instructed not to enter student rooms unless one of the following conditions exists:

  • Room resident is present, or
  • Written permission has been secured in advance from all individuals residing in the room, or
  • When a resident has created an unreasonable noise disturbance (i.e., alarm clock, stereo, TV, etc.) and fails or is not present to respond to staff's request to discontinue the noise. Under these circumstances, the staff may enter a student room for the purpose of stopping the noise and will document the incident.
What is the average completion time for a Maintenance Request?

Great question!

The Housing Facilities team works hard to keep up with demand for repair services.  We have staff on campus 7 days per week, and our largest staff presence is Tuesdays through Fridays.  All work requests are prioritized, with safety and health issues receiving the highest priority. Depending on workload, lower priority requests may take longer to be addressed. Some requests also reveal facility issues which are beyond the scope of Housing Facilities. In these situations, we may need to submit a work request to Temple University's Office of Facility Management (OFM) or an independent contractor. The delays in completion are directly associated with the scope of work and their ability to secure the needed materials and labor in a timely manner.

In many cases, requests that fall completely within Housing Facilities scope of work are addressed and resolved within 2-3 business days, or sooner.  We are always aiming for the quickest possible resolution to issues that we are made aware of.

Why can't a Maintenance worker repair something when I report something to them verbally?

The Maintenance Direct system will track all work requests. This provides us the ability to respond to and address ongoing problems, evaluate trends, maintain a history of activity, and assess each building's needs and demands. Verbal requests aren't entered into the system, which renders them nonexistent in terms of record keeping and accountability. We believe the documented request system improves our effectiveness and efficiency.

How do I follow up on a Maintenance Direct request?

Visit the Maintenance Direct system to log in and review the status of your work order.

How can I send a message of thanks or praise to the Maintenance staff?

Send an email to  or contact the Operations & Maintenance central office at (215) 204-7110.

How can I help keep the building clean, safe, and presentable?

While we understand the time constraints full time students are under, cleaning up after ones self makes everyone's environment more pleasant. Don't hesitate to pick up litter in the hallways, lobbies and lounges, and please don't leave your trash for someone else to pick up.

If you see something that needs repair, submit a maintenance request. Even if it's not in your room, suite or apartment, it's in the building where you live. Community quality of life is determined by the community.