Early Arrival Process

New and Returning students can request to arrival early on the Monday of Move-in Week.

How to Request the Early Arrival Date:

  • The Early Arrival date is selected through the Move-In Appointment Scheduler in MyHousing
  • The deadline is August 1

Late Fees
Anyone applying after August 1 will be subject to a $50.00 late fee which will be assessed to their tuition account.

Early Arrival Cost

  • If you have a pre-approved reason for Early Arrival (Specialty group covering cost of Early Arrival) your request will be granted at no additional charge.
  • If you are applying for Early Arrival for personal reasons, there is a per diem rate cost applied to your tuition account. 
  • Once the early arrival is approved and confirmed, the early arrival request will not be canceled.

Early Arrival Per Diem Rates
The rates listed in the Early Arrival Per Diem Rates section are estimated based on fall semester rates.

How Can Staff or Faculty Submit Requests on Behalf of Students?

  • Submit a list prepared in Microsoft Excel listing a) the students' complete name(s), b) students' 9-digit TUid number, c) The Early Arrival date requested, d) Name and email of the departmental administrator who will approve the early arrival billing for your group, e) Departmental FOAPAL to be used to cover the costs of the early arrival for your group
  • E-mail this list to University Housing, at prior to the deadline date of August 1.
  • All groups must provide the details requested in order to be approved for arriving early to campus.

Note: Permission for early arrival will be at the discretion of the University Housing and Residential Life.