Canceling The Housing And Meal Plan License

Students interested in living off-campus are encouraged not to sign leases without first obtaining an official release from our department otherwise students could be subject to paying for multiple locations. 

Please review the current year academic housing and meal plan license for more details.

Cancellation Dates

  • Before May 15: Cancel with no financial penalty
  • May 16 - July 16: Cancel and forfeit $250.00 deposit
  • After July 17: Forfeit $250.00 deposit and pay $500.00 cancellation penalty

How to submit a request to cancel housing or meal plans

  • Students will need to log into MyHousing via TUportal.
  • In MyHousing, go to "Manage My Application" and select the image on the lefthand side that says "Cancel My Housing"
  • Note: Students who do not receive housing will have deposits refunded or applied to their university accounts as long as they cancel their housing request by July 5.

For questions about Housing Cancellations, please contact Mrs. Mary Davis by e-mail at mary.davis@temple.edu.  

For questions about Meal Plan Cancellations, please contact Ms. Trina Slaffey by e-mail at tslaffey@temple.edu.  

For addition questions or concerns about the Cancellation Process, please contact our office during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at (215) 204-7184 option #2.

How to Appeal a Decision regarding a Cancellation Request 

A student wishing to appeal any University Housing and Residential Life policy decision or charge must do so officially in writing.  A student forfeits any rights to an appeal after the expiration of seven (7) business days following the date of any final decision or charge. Letters should be addressed to the Director of Housing Operations or their designee and submit the letter to housing@temple.edu.

Appeal letters must be in writing and include the name and student Temple University ID number of the student. Students are encouraged to submit any official documentation to support their request of an appeal such as check-out paperwork, official University correspondence and other documents. The merits of any appeal will be based on the written letter, support documentation, and records maintained by Temple University and University Housing and Residential Life. Appeal decisions will be communicated to a student in writing.

Undergraduate Housing Deposit Form

Current students desiring to submit a housing deposit must obtain the current housing deposit form and submit the form with payment to the Bursar's Office. This form is available on the "forms" tab on the MyHousing website. Students can submit their housing deposit payment online or in-person at the University's Bursars Office.

Housing And Meal Plan Rates For Upcoming Academic Year

Rates for housing and meal plans are generally approved by the Board of Trustees by April 1 of the Spring semester. Once rates have been approved for the next academic year, MyHousing and the University Housing and Residential Life website will be updated.

Housing For Returning Juniors And Seniors

Housing accommodations will be available for students entering their junior and senior year as long as they lived on campus the previous year. We anticipate offering several hundred spaces during the annual Housing Selection Process for students who have expressed an interest in remaining in on-campus housing who submit the $250 housing deposit. The Office of University Housing and Residential Life will provide regular updates with regard to the Housing Selection Process and the availability of additional accommodations for upper-class students throughout the process.

Please feel free to call the Office of University Housing and Residential Life at (215) 204-7184 to speak to a staff member. We look forward to assisting you in identifying housing options for the upcoming school year and addressing any additional questions or concerns you may have.